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Empowering eClosing: Introducing Stavvy's In-Person Electronic Notarization Feature

Product Jun 08, 2023

Ryan Murray - Product Marketing Manager

A photo of a tablet in an in person electronic notarization meeting

Stavvy has emerged as a pivotal partner in the real estate technology landscape, redefining how real estate closings are conducted. Digital closing workflows are at the heart of Stavvy’s mission to modernize and streamline the fragmented paper-driven processes that have perpetually constrained the mortgage, real estate, and title industries. We’re focused on optimizing antiquated closing processes by providing greater efficiency so companies can focus on what's truly important—driving business forward. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce a powerful new feature to our eClosing solution: in-person electronic notarization (IPEN).

Enhancing Stavvy's eClosing solution with in-person electronic notarization

Stavvy’s comprehensive eClosing solution now features remote online notarization (RON), eSign, and in-person electronic notarization (IPEN), offering our customers flexibility and choice for every digital real estate transaction. Stavvy’s IPEN feature provides title companies with the convenience, efficiency, and productivity of a fully digital workflow while preserving the personal touch of a traditional closing. Organizations leveraging IPEN can expect to spend less time and money per transaction by eliminating the resources required to print, prepare, and perform a traditional paper closing. IPEN can also improve accuracy with fewer errors by reducing the risk of missed documents, signatures, and costly post-closing remediation. Best of all, IPEN offers an exceptional experience for signers and notaries who can now expect to spend less time at the closing table with a fast, efficient, and secure signing workflow.  

“Our initial concern was signers would come into our office, see a tablet, and ask for paper instead. But none of them have; they all love it. The speed of an IPEN transaction is outstanding. Our closing times are cut in half using IPEN compared to a paper-based closing. For closers familiar with a RON closing in the Stavvy platform, an IPEN transaction immediately makes sense. The process is so similar; we didn’t have to complete any additional training. Getting comfortable with IPEN on the platform takes only a few minutes.”

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How can in-person electronic notarization help your business? 

Our newly introduced IPEN feature is a simple, in-person digital experience that allows our customers to facilitate seamless and secure real estate closings no matter the situation. Unlike a RON transaction which leverages secure audio-visual technology to carry out a closing virtually, IPEN allows the signer and notary to meet in the same physical location and conduct a swift signing on a tablet or similar device. Adding IPEN to Stavvy’s eClosing solution enables our customers to benefit from a paperless experience while maintaining the familiarity of an in-person closing.

“We’re listening to our customers who love the efficiency and convenience of RON, but need a digital alternative for the conference table and mobile notaries. Many of our customers look forward to IPEN increasing their digital closing volume. On the flip side, we know some title companies have been cautious about offering a RON closing experience or simply cannot because of state regulations limiting RON usage. These organizations can now discover a world made simpler and more efficient by the digital experience offered by IPEN. What could be more empowering than navigating this digital transition with the piece of mind of a familiar face-to-face experience? Our eClosing solution makes a digital closing possible no matter how or where the transaction takes place; it's a win-win scenario."

kyle-stephenson-headshot Kyle Stephenson, Chief Customer Officer at Stavvy

Unifying the eClosing experience on a single platform

Our comprehensive eClosing solution includes features like our convenient Eligibility Engine and various digital closing options, including hybrid, IPEN, and RON, all of which support eNote. The Stavvy platform affords users the flexibility to schedule a closing window or a defined date and time for a RON or IPEN transaction. It also offers the advantage of sharing closing documents with signers ahead of time, providing them the convenience to preview or eSign, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the closing meeting. By offering a diverse range of eClosing options, our customers can optimize their workflows while mitigating the risk of fraud and errors, all from one secure platform.

"Within our eClosing solution, IPEN and RON exist as complimentary choices for electronic notarization. Each feature is designed to offer a user experience with remarkably similar workflows. With a combination of IPEN, RON, and hybrid closing options at their fingertips, our clients can easily find the perfect fit for any transaction or customer need from a single platform. And the best part? We're all about making closing processes easier and smoother, nudging everyone to say goodbye to paper-based transactions, and adopting a fully digital closing experience."

shane-hartzler-headshot Shane Hartzler, Chief Product Officer at Stavvy

Embracing the future of real estate transactions

The evolution of Stavvy's eClosing solution to include IPEN strengthens our vision for the future of fully digital real estate transactions. Our eClosing solution provides options tailored to the unique needs and preferences of our clients, showcasing our approach to transforming the real estate landscape with flexible, innovative technology. The introduction of IPEN bolsters Stavvy's commitment to developing customer-centric solutions. From seasoned digital closing trailblazers to those just embarking on their eClosing journey, we're building a platform that promises flexibility and versatility for everyone involved. As we continue to transform real estate transactions, our goal is to develop reliable, effortless experiences where technology handles the workload, revolutionizing how businesses operate and connect with the people they serve.

Ready to see IPEN on the Stavvy platform? Book a personalized, live demo with our team today.

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