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Marketing Ideas for Title Companies: How to Promote Remote Closing

Stavvy Team

A picture of a title company professional on a laptop marketing their eClosing solution

Congratulations! You decided to offer eClosing at your title company. And you didn’t make this decision lightly; you did it to gain the potential benefits of reducing costs, increasing accuracy, and improving customer experience. And that customer experience point is critical, with 81% of companies competing primarily on experience. 

With more competition vying for the same business, eClosing gives you an important competitive advantage. But part of capturing that advantage is communicating it with customers and partners. We created a simple guide to help you market eClosing, RON, and IPEN at your title company successfully.

Marketing ideas for title companies: Spreading the word with customers

You’ve decided to invest in an eClosing solution, but now it’s time to tell the world.

Let customers, prospects, and partners know you’re ready to enhance customer experiences with eClosing. You can do this in various ways, including sending emails, having your sales and operational staff speak with clients, and spreading the word online. We’ll give you some ideas shortly, but first, you can’t just tell customers eClosing is easy. You have to show them. 

Create a quick demo of your eClosing tool, walking through how easy digital closings are with RON and IPEN. Call out the benefits, such as faster closing times, ease of use, and flexibility during the demo.


For a list of digital closing benefits for signers, real estate partners, and lenders, check out this popular blog post: Can you close on a house remotely? 

But don’t stop there. Create content that promotes the benefits of eClosing, such as blog posts, podcasts, webinars, social media, videos, and more. Your eClosing provider may have content on their website or social media channels that can inspire you and your team. For example, Stavvy's blog and LinkedIn house educational content for title and settlement businesses, covering topics like RON and the benefits of remote closings for lenders, real estate agents, buyers, and sellers

Here are a few additional marketing ideas for title companies to explore:

  • Write blog posts. Write blog posts about the benefits of eClosing and RON to publish on your blog. Find helpful nuggets of information within those blog posts and share them on your social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to educate your audience. You can also offer to write blog posts for your real estate partners about the benefits of eClosing to help them spread the word to buyers and sellers. But more on co-marketing later. 
  • Produce a new podcast episode. Create a podcast episode focused on the benefits of eClosing and its impact on customer experience. Don’t have a podcast? No worries. You can pitch yourself as a guest on a real estate podcast that targets your audience. 
  • Create a short demo video. We discussed creating a demo earlier, but that’s only half the task. You also want to decide where that demo will “live.” Consider integrating it into blog posts, email campaigns, and other strategic placements, like a video library on your website or YouTube channel. 
  • Add a new eClosing service page to your website. Explain your services, pricing, FAQs, and more on a new website page to create a go-to destination that helps people understand your new digital closing options.
  • Collect eClosing customer testimonials. With nearly half of customers reporting they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family, testimonials can be impactful in capturing a competitive advantage. Collect customer quotes, videos, and photos of buyers, sellers, and real estate agents during a digital closing. Include testimonial content on your website, social media, and email campaigns, and let contacts know how they can take advantage of eClosing.

As with any marketing push, you’ll also want to track results. If you do an email blast, what’s your open rate? How does that compare to your typical email open rate? If you publish content to create awareness, are your website views increasing? Track your metrics so you can iterate on your marketing efforts if needed to ensure you’re getting the best results. And speaking of sharing the news, you don’t have to do it alone—there is power in numbers; look to your existing partners for help with co-marketing.

Marketing ideas for title companies: Leveraging your real estate partners to co-market eClosing and RON

Offering eClosing isn’t only great for you but also for your real estate partners, which is why you should collaborate with them to share the news. Jim Milinkovich, Operations Director at The Title Team, shares how eClosing and RON can benefit everyone involved in a real estate transaction.


Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Co-market with mortgage lenders

Despite the significant time savings, not all lenders are ready for full eClosing yet—and that’s okay. So you’ll want to find out which of your partners are prepared so you can collaborate on marketing your eClosing options. 

Ask mortgage lenders which eClosing platform they use and let them know you’re ready to perform eClosing for their customers on your preferred platform. Furthermore, you can let lenders know you’re interested in co-marketing eClosing to their network. And for lenders not ready for full eClosing with RON, promote your eSign and eNote capabilities and the benefits of a hybrid eClosing option

Collaborate with your real estate agent network 

Another option for promoting eClosing is partnering with real estate agents. Real estate agents want to provide their customers with fast, easy experiences to get their transactions closed quickly. Buyers and sellers are also more likely to refer friends and family when happy with their closing experience. And with 82% of all real estate transactions coming from repeat and referral businesses, this is crucial for real estate agents to consider.

Let realtors know that digital closing can cut closing times in half and offers a smooth, efficient process that their customers will love. And, of course, creating these efficient experiences can help lead to repeat business, loyal customers, and referrals, which are key to a thriving real estate business. 

Capturing a competitive advantage

With customers demanding easy, remote experiences and you adopting the eClosing tools to provide them, you’ll create a stronger competitive advantage to fuel growth. And when you have a solid plan to spread the word about digital closing, you can stand out while supporting your partners and their customers in the process. 

Are you still deciding which eClosing platform is the best option? If so, check out our guide to the most important questions to ask during the demo phase of your due diligence. Plus, schedule a one-on-one demo with a member of our team and we'll show you how easy eClosing with Stavvy is.

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