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8 Must-Ask RON Platform Demo Questions

Stavvy Team

Picture of a title agent getting a RON software demo over her laptop

You’re doing everything possible to investigate eClosing platforms, including evaluating remote online notarization (RON) and setting up demos. And the RON platform demo step is exciting because you get to experience firsthand the potential impact that eClosings can have on your internal operation, business goals, and customers’ closing experience. 

With so many closing options, technology providers, and platforms, demos can be confusing, especially if you’re unprepared. 

It’s hard to know which questions to ask, and if you miss the important ones, you might end up with an eClosing solution that doesn’t provide the results and experience you expect. 

That’s why we assembled our favorite questions to ask during a remote closing platform demo so that you can find the best RON solution for your company. But before you start crafting your list of product demo questions, it’s important to ground yourself in what you’re looking for in a platform. To help with this, we created a comprehensive guide to choosing eClosing software so you can ensure that the solution you invest in can meet (and exceed) your remote closing goals. 

RON software demo: Top questions to ask 

1. Does the solution offer hybrid digital and full eClosing options with eSign, eNote, IPEN, and RON?

The great thing about eClosing is that the process doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Some buyers want a complete remote experience, whereas mortgage lenders may want to operationalize a hybrid closing process with eNote. To avoid investing in multiple platforms and disparate tools, you’ll want to ensure your eClosing solution offers a wide range of closing options. 

Stavvy’s eClosing solution was designed with this in mind and has all the features and functions needed to succeed with remote closing, including eSign, Eligibility Engine, eNote, IPEN, and RON. Finding a platform that has a robust solution offering and can create the ideal closing experience for your customers, no matter their preference or technology comfort level, is important to the success of your overall digital closing strategy. Therefore, during a demo, confirm that the platform performs different closing methods, including:  

  • eClosing with remote online notarization (RON). An eClosing with RON is the most convenient method of digital closing, where the notarized documents within a real estate transaction are signed and notarized remotely, allowing all parties to meet virtually using audio-visual technology. 
  • eClosing with in-person electronic notarization (IPEN). An eClosing with IPEN involves documents being signed and notarized electronically during an in-person closing. The signer and notary are together in the same location, but the notary uses IPEN technology to apply a digital notarial seal to the completed documents. 
  • Hybrid eClosing. A hybrid eClosing allows a signer to use a combination of pen-and-paper signing and electronic signatures. A hybrid eClosing can also include an eNote where the mortgage note is included in the electronically executed documents. 

2. What assistance is provided for product training, onboarding, and continued support after implementation?

During your RON software demo, make sure the platform is intuitive and simple to use, but also, if users get stuck, that there’s a plan in place. For example, Celebration Title uses the Stavvy platform. Tristan Ali recently discussed the impact that receiving quick support means to him and his fellow closing specialists who use the Stavvy platform daily for eClosing.

“Unlike our previous notarization and eSignature providers, Stavvy has immediate support services available to its customers,” says Tristan Ali of Celebration Title Group. “In the past, we’d report an issue to a generic support hotline and wait three or four days for a response. This isn’t particularly favorable for time-sensitive real estate closings.”

3. What kind of technology does the signer need to access and use the platform?

Getting up to speed with an eClosing platform shouldn’t be difficult for you or your customers. Part of creating a simplified customer experience is that your signers and real estate partners shouldn’t need to download specific applications or technologies to participate in or attend a remote closing. With the Stavvy platform, signers only need the following:

  • A computer with a video camera and microphone that is connected to a stable internet connection
  • Access to their email inbox
  • Non-expired, government-issued ID, such as a passport, ID card, or driver’s license
  • Mobile phone with a camera
  • Social security number

4. Can real estate agents, attorneys, and loan officers join the closing meeting?

The home-buying process is complicated, and signers often have questions. Answering questions in the moment is important for keeping customers happy and closings on track. But your closing team might not always consist of the best people to answer every question, so during your RON software demo, ask: What parties can join an eClosing? 

With the Stavvy platform, the signers’ real estate agent, attorney, and loan officers can all join the meeting, so they’re available to address any questions or concerns that might come up. Additionally, we welcome family members and friends who want to help celebrate the milestone moment or provide moral support. 

5. What systems does the platform integrate with?

Title companies use various technologies and software in their workflows. When those systems don’t “talk” to an eClosing platform, the risk of duplicate work, wasted time, and potential errors increases.

Before attending RON platform demos, inventory your current systems. Then ask prospective eClosing solutions whether they have integrations. The Stavvy platform integrates with popular tools like EncompassⓇ and eOriginalⓇ to make your eClosings fast and easy. Additionally, annotation templates and a simple document tagging workflow is included to bolster efficiencies. 

6. Is the platform SOC 2 and MISMOⓇ compliant?

To ensure a compliant and secure real estate transaction every time, you’ll want to confirm that your eClosing solution has digital certification for tamper-proof documents, is MISMO RON certified, and complies with your state’s RON legislation. 

The Stavvy platform is MISMO certified and maintains a SOC 2 Type 2 report, leveraging various features to ensure compliance and security. Additionally, it uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) for added security, verifying a signer's identity by asking personal questions based on credit and public reports. And since Stavvy’s KBA doesn’t require a hard credit pull, there is no impact on a signer’s credit score. 

7. How long is RON meeting data stored?

An important component of compliance is data storage and access to those records. Ensure that eClosing solutions comply with local regulations around data storage but also include a detailed audit trail for you to reference back to if needed. Stavvy’s eClosing solution has a comprehensive digital audit trail, providing a time-stamped record of all actions taken during the signing process, a list of participants, and stores meeting recordings for 10 years. 

8. Is your platform approved in my geographic service area?

Many states have made their temporary authorization of RON permanent. We’ve compiled a resource to help you understand local RON legislation, but state laws change frequently, so consult your attorney for the latest on RON laws. 

Stavvy customers can also eliminate legislative guesswork by leveraging the Eligibility Engine baked into the Stavvy platform. Our Eligibility Engine instantly determines a real estate transaction’s RON, IPEN, and eRecording acceptability, saving time and operational resources. 

In addition to local laws, you’ll want to ask about an eClosing platform’s approval by major title insurance underwriters. For example, Stavvy is approved by all major title insurance underwriters.

Choosing the best RON platform

As you consider an eClosing platform with RON capabilities, you’ll need to invest in a solution that mirrors where you are today and your future endeavors. Buyers and sellers are demanding more convenient and accessible real estate experiences, and this trend will only continue to expand. By offering eClosing with RON, you can help meet customers where they are today and set your business up for scalable growth. 

Are you ready to get up and running with eClosing? We’d love to connect. Schedule a one-on-one demo with a member of our team.

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